How to Build an Inexpensive Colloidal Silver Generator

All parts can be purchased from an electronic store such as Radio Shack for less than $10.00 total.











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Assembling the Generator


1. : Attach the caps together (as pictured at left). Twist the red leads to the black leads, leaving one red lead, and one black lead free. This will result (when batteries are connected) in a total of 27 volts coming off of leads. This is the power source.


2. Connect one of the leads (which is attached to the alligator clip) to one of the free leads coming from the power source.


3. Connect the other lead (which is attached to the other alligator clip) to the remaining free lead coming from the power source.


4. Wrap all connections with electrical tape (so that there are no exposed bare wires). You can also use electrical tape to tape the batteries together to make the unit less cumbersome.

Making Saline Solution


Step 1: Mix six (6) ounces of distilled water with one (1) teaspoon of sea salt. Do not use common table salt when making colloidal silver as it contains heavy metals and chemical additives.


Step 2: Stir in the saline solution, for one minute, with a plastic/non-conductive utensil.


Step 3: Fill the dropper bottle labeled "Saline Solution" and set it aside for later use. Dispose of the remaining solution.


How to make Colloidal Silver


Step 1: Using a plastic or glass cup (non-metal), pour in 8 oz. of room temperature distilled water.


Step 2: (optional) Add 1-2 drops of saline solution to the distilled water and stir using a plastic/non-conductive utensil.


Step 3: Plug the batteries in snap connectors, making sure the free leads are not touching each other.


Step 4: Clip a silver electrode wire onto each of the insulated alligator clips.


Step 5: Insert the silver electrode into the glass. Placement of the wires is not critical, but they must not be touching each other as the process of making colloidal silver will stop. (You CANNOT receive an electrical shock when making colloidal silver as the colloidal silver generator operates on DC current at very low voltage.


Step 6: You will see a gray mist inside the glass as sub-microscopic particles of silver begin to peel away from one of the silver electrodes. Hydrogen bubbles will begin to rise from the other silver electrode.


Step 7: After the desired amount of time, (recommended time is 5 minutes to produce 5ppm) switch the colloidal silver generator off by unplugging one of the 9 volt batteries.


Step 8: Remove the two silver electrode wires from the water. You now have learned how to make colloidal silver! Pour your colloidal silver into the bottle marked "colloidal silver". Store the bottle in a cool dark place as prolonged exposure to any light source will affect the colloidal silver much like light affects camera film.


Clean Up:



Step 1: Remove the silver electrode wires from the alligator clips.


Step 2: Using a nylon polishing pad, remove the oxidation from the silver electrode wire with the dark stain.


Step 3: Dry the silver electrode wires with a napkin and place them back into an envelope for future use.


Step 4: Disconnect the Battery from power source. You are now finished making colloidal silver.


Note: There is some difference of opinion as to using saline solution in making colloidal silver. We do not make any recommendation but that you should be convinced in your own mind. Seek out the facts and make your determination.